2017 Holiday Shoppers Guide: Beard Butter

May be you know what he has his eye on or you’re completely new to shopping for that special beard in your life. No worries! We are here to help explain what is what and the must-haves from the Detroit Beard Collective 2017 Collection!

Beard Butter

So now the beard is starting to show some growth. You may be experiencing some irritation and itch. Beard Butter is designed to help with all these common beard growing issues while also conditioning, moisturizing the beard hair leaving it soft and strong! Made from a blend of natural, plant based butters and oils, Detroit Beard Collective Beard Butter  will leave your beard smelling amazing with any one of our in-house blended, essential oil based fragrance oils!

If your beard is in need a little more control, take a look at the Motor City Muscle Heavy Duty Beard Balm. Available in Neutral(no added scent), Hockeytown(Peppermint with vanilla) and Steamworks(Bay Rum with citrus.) MCM HD Beard Balm takes our incredibly popular Beard Butter recipe and deconstruct it then swap in some lanolin, bolt it back up, and set it loose!



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