2017 Holiday Shoppers Guide: Beard Shampoo

May be you know what he has his eye on or you’re completely new to shopping for that special beard in your life. No worries! We are here to help explain what is what and the must-haves from the Detroit Beard Collective 2017 Collection!

Beard Shampoo

Stop using that fancy salon shampoo on your beard! Not all hair is created equal and it ultimately the major lesson to learn when taking care of your facial hair.  Facial hair is Androgenic and it’s prescence and health can be largely dependent on hormone levels.  As you’ve probably notice, beard hair tends to be more wiry and thick than the finer, lighter in color mop on the top(that may not still be there.)

Beards require a specialized shampoo that will gently remove the dirt and grime while not striping away the crucial oils that keep it soft and elastic. Detroit Beard Collective Beard Shampoo + Conditioner is pH balanced and free of surfacants, silicons, paraben, and detergent free. The castille based formula is designed to gently clean and compliment your natural oils. You may notice a lack of sudsy lather – DON’T PANIC! This is by design. The foamy lather you’re familiar with in traditional shampoos is a cosmetic derivative from chemicals added that serve no actual purpose other than to make it appear to have a thick lather.


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