About: How Detroit Beard Collective Got Its Groove Back

Every story begins with humble origins and Detroit Beard Collective is no exception to that. Bored one fall, nestled comfortbly in his home on Detroit’s west side, a brave man set out to figure out what exactly does mens beard and grooming care truly means. Through many trials and much tribulation, Detroit Beard Collective was forged from a simple kitchen stove and a whole lots of completely scientific expermentation. 

Over time and millions of attempts that were just there, a brave new beacon finally shown in the murky night of an overcrowded mens grooming care world. Like a ’59 Cadillac piercing through the foggy veil, the legend of Detroit Beard Collective was born!

Since inception, our goal at Detroit Beard Collective has been simple: make quality products at affordable prices and have a fun time doing it. We’ve been incredibly forunatue that since 2013, DBC has taken us to so many different place and afforded the opportunity to meet so many incredible and unique people. At its core, Detroit Beard Collective is and always be about people. We just try to make sure the people with beards look their best too!