Best Beards of: 2016 Golden Globes

If you’re waking the Golden Globes tonight, either willingly or in good spirits, you may have noticed some face fur inclined celebrities on the red carpet. Here are the Detroit Beard Collective’s Staff Top 5 Picks:

      1. Ricky Gervais– The Ricky Verais Show, The Office


      2. Judd Apatow – Trainwreck, 40 Year Old Virgin


      3. Jamie Doman – 50 Shades of Grey


      4. Oscar Isaac– Star Wars: The Force Awakens


      5. Jason Sudeikis – The Last Man on Earth, Horrible Bosse 1&2


Honorable Mention: Micheal B Jordan – Fantastic Four(2015) Sorry MBJ, taking part in one of the worst moments in cinematic history took you out of contention before you even rented your tux. #flameoff 

Did we miss someone? Let us know your Top 5 in the comments below!
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