I applied a rather liberal amount to a dry beard and the oil soaked in almost immediately. I reapplied and was amazed at the difference in texture and manageability. Applying to a damp beard works even better. Hey, my wife even likes the light, simple fragrance over some of the more ``powerful`` oils I've used in the past.
Many thanks for the newest weapon in my scruff grooming arsenal, Big Gene! - Daniel W
Great product, I'm outdoors 300 plus days of the year ,I am of welsh highland decent so my beard is thick red and this product keeps it manageable and soft .Proud to be part of team Snitsky - Trevor J
Product is great, i have been tangle free while combing since using this product. My beard is a lot healthier now. Best oil ever. On a negative note shipping may need some working on, product was not secured in package and could have easily broke the way the postal service tosses things around. There was some leakage of the bottle in my box from bottle minimum but still could have been wrapped a little better to secure it from bouncing around in the box during shipment - Tim C
The best of the best is right here. - Krow A
LOVE IT! Started using it in December my beard has never looked better or been easier to maintain. The growth in that period was unbelievable I only regret is that I did not reorder before I ran out! - Brud A