DBC’s Favorite Facial Hair of the Star Wars Universe! Episode 1

On the heels of the largest domestic release weekend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has once again taken us on the jump to lightspeed to a galaxy far, far away! Join Detroit Beard Collective as we recount our staff’s favorite facial hair stylings from Episodes 1-6!

10. Biggs Darklighter


Appearing in Episode 4: A New Hope, Biggs Darklighter grew up with Luke Skywalker on Tattoine. While Luke was off water collecting, Biggs went off to the Imperial Academy, later deflecting the the Rebel Allicance and becoming an X-Wing pilot. Darklight and Skywalker crossed paths again on Yavin 4 and both were involved on the assault on the first Death Star. Unfortunately, Biggs Darklighter and his epic stache did not survive the mission.

9. Sio Bibblesio_bibble
As governor of Naboo, Sio Bibble appears in Episodes 1-3. All Jar Jar Binks jabs aside, there’s no denying his stylish muskateer inspired beard and mustache combo!

8.  Qui-Gon Jinn


Mentor to Obi Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Master responsible for presenting Anakin Skywalker to the Jedi Council, didn’t make it out the Episode 2 alive. His dying wish was to train Skywalker in the way of the force, which was later fulfilled by his protege Kenobi after his death.

7. Ki-Adi-Mundi


There is no denying the majesty of this Cerean Jedi Master’s choice of facial hair prowess! However, he will probably forever be remembered for his ignorance to the reemergence of the Sith during the Clone Wars.

6.  Jek Porkins


A fan favorite, Jek Porkins met his maker during the Rebel assault on the original Death Star. Known also by his X-Wing pilot call sign, Red 6, Porkins was shot down when his fighter experienced mechanical failures that left his hung out to dry.


So that wraps up our staff picks for 10 – 6. Who will battle their way into the DBC’s top 5? You won’t have to wait for Episode 8 to hit theaters to find out! Stay tuned to www.DetroitBeardCollective.com for the exciting conclusion and more!!!

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