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Our good friend Drew over at Robot Ninja Blog and Nerdiculous got a chance to pre-screen the upcoming comic book blockbuster, Deadpool. In true Wade Wilson fashion, we stole his review and put it here…just kidding. Give Robot Ninja and Nerdiculous a follow/like/thumbs up!


Deadpool, Its Better Than GreenLantern

Tonight i got a chance that doesn’t come by very often. Tonight I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the new Ryan Reynolds movie Deadpool before its release. It was one of those screenings that is usually a bunch of critics for various papers and radios and those people were there as well.

I will say one thing, when they give you a pre release showing, they make sure you are not trying to record it, which i fully support. The movie itself was packed and i don’t believe there was a single empty seat. I want to take the chance to thank the guys from New Dimension Comics and 3 Rivers Comicon. were gracious enough to provide myself and a handful of other lucky Science Fiction Enthusiasts. ((i am starting a new trend, we aren’t nerds. We are SciFI enthusiasts.)) If you get a chance, please go to their Facebook pages and send them some love. Had they not been so generous, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see Deadpool. Seeing this movie really made my week.

So the movie itself was really well done. It is clear to me that everyone involved put everything they had into making this movie the best it could be. Ryan Reynolds really put himself out there getting this movie made and convincing 20th Century Fox to let him make it Rated R. I am sure if you ask Ryan, he will tell you that it was the fans that got this movie made. I believe he helped make this movie what it was, a well crafted movie.


This movie is not a typical super hero movie, but i can only summarize that you are fully aware of what this movie it about. This movie is about a man with a heart of gold, trying to save the woman he loves from being a prostitute. Also this movie is about a badass who wants revenge on the man who tried to turn him into a super slave. The movie has some very heavy sexual innuendos that are lined through the movie. I think that the movie had its first last thirty seconds in, and it rolled long through the movie.

Deadpool could honestly be considered a comedy that just happened to be an action adventure flick. The team of writers behind this movie packed as many jokes as they could into every single scene. there were stretches of laughter that lasted minutes.  The Jokes ranged from typical slapstick humor, to tongue in cheek jokes, and even a few smart jokes thrown in there.


I am not sure how i feel about breaking the 4th wall in movies. For people who are not aware what the fourth wall is, basically it is when the character in the movie knows and acknowledges that they are in a movie and are aware of the audience watching them. Most movies do not break this, but Deadpool has always been about breaking the 4th wall, even in his comics. They didn’t break the 4th wall a ton, but it was still done in hilarious ways.

The CGI in the movie was a bit heavy in certain parts, but that is to be expected when you have certain characters like Colossus, a giant man made of metal. The practical affects were also well done, and the fight scenes spectacular. Everything about this movie was crisp and enjoyable. There were a few parts that seemed a little bit forced, but the movie itself flowed well and really seemed to sit well with everyone who was there.

I can honestly say that this movie earned its R rating in a big way and i wouldn’t be surprised if at one point it had a NC17. There is some serious nudity in the movie on top of the sex and violence. I have to say that this movie is going to be one of the best of 2016, and the year has only begun. I fully intend to go to the theater and see this a few more times. I think Ryan Reynolds found his niche. I like the and i bet he is awesome, but he really does come off as a smug self centered smart ass with a heart of gold. He was made to play Deadpool and it showed in this movie. I recommend going to see it in the theaters, but don’t take your kids. After watching this movie, there is no way they could make a PG-13 movie without heavily watering down the movie.


I highly doubt that a successful box office take for Deadpool will bring about a new era of Rated R super hero movies, but i can only hope that we get to see more of them. I think that Rated R movies can let more raw emotion into the film, and really show the dark side of movies. I doubt that i am alone in wanting to see more edgier super hero movies, but i realize that the die hard fans need the mainstream to keep our passions alive. Everyone needs to come together to make movies like this and the other super hero movies a reality.

Thanks again to Drew over at Robot Ninja Blog for lending his in depth critique. Don’t know about you, but we’re all super excited for February 12th!

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