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Motor City Muscle Heavy Duty Beard Balm by Detroit Beard Collective is a top quality beard grooming balm. Offering unparreled hold, control and conditioning that Detroit's #1 Grooming Company can offer!
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New Product Alert: Motor City Muscle Beard Balm

With the overwhelming success of our signature Beard Butter line and listening to customer’s needs, we have had a few exciting products in development for some time now. Today, Detroit Beard Collective is excited to release our BRAND NEW Motor City Muscle line of facial hair grooming and care products starting with our Heavy Duty Beard Balm.

Beard Butter

So what exactly is our Heavy Duty Beard Balm and how does it compare to Beard Butter? Detroit Beard Collective Beard Butter is primarily a lighter, conditioning leave-in balm.  Application daily aids in softening and moisturizing each beard hair and when used in tandem with Beard Elixir, offers unparalleled results…until now. Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of speaking and working with a variety of beard wearers and DBC patrons alike. It was through these conversations that the realization of the need for a ‘heavier duty’ balm was released. Motor City Muscle Beard Balm offers just that. We took the base mix of Beard Butter, tweaked, twisted and added a little lanolin and BAM! Motor City Muscle Beard Balm is the answer for the hardworking  gent that puts their beard through hell and back everyday. Its unparalleled hold will keep the beard shaped and in place all while still providing the same conditioning, moisturizing expected from a Detroit Beard Collective product.


Currently, we have Motor City Muscle Beard Balms available in our unscented Natural blend as well as our widely popular Steamworks scent.  Get yours today and experience the Detroit Beard Collective Difference!


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