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Neutral: no added fragrance
Steamworks: Classic Bay Rum with Lime and Lemon
Woodbridge: Cedarwood with Lavender
Riverwalk: Spearmint and Eucalyptus
Hockeytown: Peppermint with Vanilla
Deer Camp: Scotch Pine with Peppermint
Dream Cruise: Lemon with Lavender and Thyme
Nain Rouge: Cedardwood with Clove and Lime

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Is your beard hair dry and plagued by dandruff? Is your skin underneath irritated and itchy? Beard Oil answer you’ve been searching for. Handcrafted by Detroit Beard Collective and created a specially formulated, top rated beard oil that not only conditions your facial hair but penetrates deep, conditioning both your hair follicle and scalp.

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Ingredients include organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil and essential oil blends
1.0oz Glass Bottle with Dropper

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  1. Nick D

    I am using this on my goatee (couldn’t take the beard any longer) this keeps the the goatee soft, moisturized, and smelling good. I love the fact that it’s all natural and you only need a little and it’s not heavy and greasy like the other products out there. This purchase should last me awhile. I’m glad to have been turned on to DBC!

  2. sal

    I love the smells of all of them, I use them everyday for my beard care. I have gone through many different beard oils and this is among by top!

  3. Amy

    Ever since my boyfriend received this oil from a friend for Christmas, he is absolutely hooked! I am a hairstylist myself, with access to premium hair products (in fact, I even educate for a very popular and high-end professional product line) , and I have never seen my boyfriend latch onto any one product the way he has to this one!! He was used to “cocktailing” multiple products together and struggling with the blowdryer to achieve his look- but not with this oil! A bit into his wet hair, a bit into his facial hair, a quick pass with the comb & done! This really has helped him navigate the awkward “growing my hair out” stage as well. The scents are amazing & definitely draw me in. (Eastern Market is our fave!!)

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