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Neutral: no added fragrance
Orange Clove: Orange with Clove
Super Spruce: Hemlock Spruce
Steamworks: Classic Bay Rum with Lime and Lemon
Woodbridge: Cedarwood with Lavender
Riverwalk: Spearmint and Eucalyptus
Hockeytown: Peppermint with Vanilla
Deer Camp: Scotch Pine with Peppermint
Dream Cruise: Lemon with Lavender and Thyme
Nain Rouge: Cedardwood with Clove and Lime

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Choose one bottle of Beard Elixir and one tin of Beard Butter for one great price!

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  1. chad

    I love all there products but this kit is what I use everyday to keep my beard looking like a million dollars!!

  2. Kent Natho

    I purchased my first oil and butter down at the farmers market a year ago. Needless to say i have purchased more sense then. If you read reviews to help feal better about your choice, stop now and buy at least one bottle of oil, butter and the beard brush. No matter what scent you choose, there all good. I like riverwalk personally. How can i promote these amazing produts?

  3. Rob

    I ordered the elixir in Nain Rouge and the natural beard butter. The Nain Rouge smells amazing (my girlfriend really likes it too) and keeps my skin conditioned all day. The butter keeps my beard soft and feeling awesome. I’ll definitely be ordering more. Great product, dudes!

  4. Bill Gideon

    Bought this set in hockeytown and Steamworks scents. Love the smells first of all.. Not over bearing, but just enough to last. As far as the products themselves, both are incredible. Being a first time user of the butter, I was hesitant. After using it, I was amazed at the texture and softness it provided. Great job on these products.

  5. Alex

    I’m not a huge fan of the beard butter myself. Its just not what I was looking for. A little grainy and harder to work into your beard and didn’t quite have the same results as the elixer.

    And that’s why I bought the combo With the elixir. I absolutely love the elixer. It works great, feels great, and I noticed a difference the first day I used it. Definitely helps your face if it’s dry and itchy and makes your beard look nice and neat. Steamworks smells manly, Riverwalk is a little different smell. I like it, just not my style. Anyways. I love the products and will definitely continue to buy the elixir.

  6. CPT ONI

    Oh how I love the smell of Steam Works!!!!! plus it works great on my beard!!!!

  7. Jeff D

    I have tried a few different brands of beard products, and have found Detroit Beard Collective to be the best product for my facial follicles. The beard oil goes a long way (I had been using Argon Oil) and the Beard Butter provides just enough hold, without leaving your man mane looking greasy and in need of a good washing. The Woodbridge scent was not what I expected, nor was it disappointing.

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