Your Beard Guide – The Muskateer

Throughout 2016, Detroit Beard Collective in conjunction with Your Beard Guide will be offering an intimate look into the world of beards. In this weekly series we will be introducing you to the World Beard and Mustache Association recognized styles.

The Muskateer


According to World Beard and Mustache Association rules, the Muskateer is defined as:
“The beard is narrow and pointed. The moustache is slender, long, and drawn out in a slight bow. The moustache may not include hairs growing from more than 1.5 cm past the corners of the mouth. Use of styling aids* permitted.”

Undoubtedly, you may be familiar with the famous literary masterpiece(and corresponding Disney movie attempts), The Three Mustateers. The hero of the tale, d’Artagnan, befriends the well traveled trio of Athos, Porthos and Aramis– all of whom are typically depicted with the Muskateer style facial hair.


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